Dentist Jenkins, KY – Known For His Knowledge And Experience

Dentist Jenkins is a Long Island car locksmith in Trenton, NJ who likes to solve problems. He got his start in the emergency room of a hospital in New York City as an emergency room technician when he was called to resuscitate a man who had stopped breathing. After the man regained consciousness, the medical staff noticed that the man had keys in his pocket and they tried to remove them. They hit nothing. Fortunately, Dentist Jenkins had the technical skills to remove the keys from the ignition and the man lived.

Dentist Jenkins KY

Dentist Jenkins KY is still employed at this same New York City dental practice, although he now spends most of his time between visits in his private car, a Nissan NV. He still works as an endodontist and does not like the idea of having patients arrive for endodontic surgery in an ambulance. So, when he gets a call to come to the emergency room of a Long Island hospital he makes sure he has all of his required tools on hand. Those include an emergency tube, nitrous oxide and a bag of needles, among other things.

At the emergency room of a New York City dental practice, Dentist Jenkins receives a call from a patient who has suffered a severe toothache. The patient is in cardiac arrest and has no oxygen. The long delay in getting an appointment with a dentist leads to the man being intubated – that is, breathing with a tube in his mouth. This is done in a surgical center at Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan. A long delay forces the patient to deteriorate further, requiring more intensive endodontic treatment.

Dentist Jenkins KY is one of many endodontists from Kentucky who continue their studies there. In his case, he completed a four year program at the University of Louisville, specializing in reconstructive dentistry. During this time he maintained a full-time job and also performed night shifts as a dental technician. He earned his Associates degree in dental surgery from the University of Louisville in 1974. He then went on to complete a four year residency in dental hygienists at the University of Kentucky.

He is proud to say that he completed many years of education and training in both endodontics and dentistry, including a stint as a dental assistant while attending dental school at the University of Louisville. He even has a Master’s Degree in biological chemistry, which allowed him to do research in the field of genetics and specifically on genetic engineering. One of his passions has been to plant biology, particularly on the subject of plant nutrition. He has spent many years working with plant nutrition and has written extensively on this subject and in particular on the use of amino acids in plant nutrition. Dr. Jenkins has also traveled extensively across the United States and abroad in an effort to better understand food preparation, nutrition and the role of plants in our diets.

Dentist Jenkins is currently practicing medicine in Dentistry KY. As of this writing he is general and cosmetic hygienist/family practitioner. If for some reason he was to expand his practice, it would most likely be in the area of endodontics. A few of the services that he provides include root canal therapy, dentures and jaw reconstruction/improvement.